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July 2018

WEBSITE:  The CATTS website is a great place to check for holiday closings.  It has a calendar on it that we try to keep updated of the dates we are closed.  We do not close for every bank/government holiday or every time that school is out.  The list of our closings is in our Rules and Policies which is located under Handouts on the website.  The website is also a good place to check for newsletters.  

SUMMER CLASS SCHEDULE: The current Class Schedule will end on Friday, August 10.  If you don't plan on attending those last 2 weeks of summer you need to notify CATTS via email as you are enrolled in the summer class.  By not notifying us you haven't given a two week notice therefore a half month of August class fees will be due.  If you are not continuing into the fall after the summer session you will owe for 1/2 the month of August. 

FALL/SPRING CLASS SCHEDULE: The Fall/Spring Class Schedule will begin Monday, August 20.  The schedule is now posted on our website.  You can sign up for a class through the CATTS website and will get a confirmation email that your student(s) are signed up.
PARENTS NIGHT OUT:  Our next parents night out will be 7/13!!  It will be 5:30-7:30 and cost $5.00.  We will have one more on August 10 before we begin Open gym again on September 7 after Labor Day.

CLOSING REMINDERS:  Our next closing will be Friday, Aug 31-Monday, Sept 3 for Labor Day Weekend.  

CLASS FEES:  Reminder that class fees are due on the 1st of the month and should include a late fee of $5 if paid after the 5th of the month.   

PLAYGROUP/OPEN GYM: Playgroup is offered for non school aged children Friday mornings 10-11:30 and costs $3.00.  Open gym is on Friday nights from 6-8pm.  Open to all kids Kindergarten-5th grade.  Team girls of all ages may also attend.  Cost is $5.00


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