Booster Club

The CATTS Gymnastic & Dance Booster Club is an organization that raises funds, and offsets costs of operation by supplying manpower and fundraising assistance to the gym. The funds raised are used to pay coaches meet expenses, upgrade or purchase new equipment that benefits all members of the gym, and provide additional items that otherwise could not be afforded. Parent volunteers assist with such things as home gymnastics meets. Examples of fundraising include: selling food items through venders, such as Red Wheel, working juice and water stands at areas events, conducting car washes, raffles, and other activities. The Booster Club is organized by a set of by-laws. It is a mandatory requirement for all parents of competing gymnasts to belong to the club, and to pay yearly team fees and participate in a minimum of ten hours of volunteer assistance. It is not mandatory that all parents do fundraisers but the more parents involved the easier it is for the gym to flourish.  Also by participating in fundraising efforts less out of pocket expense is incurred for Team dues.
Booster Club is very supportive of the gym as a whole and all the activities that take place within to benefit all youth at CATTS Gymnastics & Dance. On the following pages you will find the by-laws and requirements for the Booster Club.

Booster Club Membership Requirements

Membership Philosophy: To support and provide opportunities that contribute to the emotional and physical development of each child enrolled in CATTS Gymnastics & Dance.
Purpose:  To provide means to support club activities and needs through volunteer assistance and fundraising activities.
Requirements:  Parents and guardians of noncompetitive gymnasts and dancers are not required to join the Club but are encouraged to participate.  The parents/guardians of competitive level team members are required to be members of the Booster Club of CATTS Gymnastics and Dance.  Parents/guardians of a CATTS competitive level team member are required to pay a yearly membership fee and assist with our home gymnastics meet by working a session and helping with set up and tear down.  

Booster Club Fundraising

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in fundraising events.  CATTS participates in one Annual fundraiser involving the entire gym in the early fall with Red Wheel and then other fundraising efforts are done as deemed necessary by the Booster Club members depending on what is needed for that year.  
Most of all we hope parents/guardians will enjoy getting to know one another and work together to make the CATTS Gymnastics & Dance Club one of the best clubs in Kansas. 

Booster Club By-Laws

The name of this organization shall be CATTS Booster Club, hereinafter referred to as the CBC.
The purpose of the CBC shall be to:

  • Provide financial program assistance to the CATTS organization;
  • To generate public awareness
  • Provide other assistance that the owner/Executive Director deems necessary.

All parents of the competing gymnasts are automatically members.       All CBC meetings are open to all CATTS parents.                                  
The Executive Director and Treasurer of the club shall be now and always Angie Curtis. The following shall be filled for 1-year term: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Reporter.
All elected officers shall serve a 1 year term. If a vacancy exists, the President shall recommend an appropriate representative to the CBC membership. If approved, by membership vote, the person shall finish the balances of the unexpired term.
The President shall preside at all meeting (if possible) and have general supervision of the CBC’s activities. The President shall work with the CBC in planning and directing activities. The Executive reserves the right for final approval.
The Vice-President shall exercise all functions in the absence of the President, assist the President as needed, and oversee the entry of information in the Volunteer Log Book. 

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Keeping an account of the proceeding and transactions of all meetings of the CBC.
  • Providing a copy of the minutes to the CBC.
  • Preparing any official correspondence that the President may request.
  • Maintaining a file in the gym office containing copies of all minutes, correspondence, and the current CBC operational guidelines.

The treasurer is responsible for handling all finances having to do with the CBC, including dues, and overseeing expenditures. The Executive Director shall approve all expenditures before a purchase is made.
Committee reports need to be made in writing and posted in the gym.
Meetings of the CBC will be held monthly if possible. The Executive Director, President, or Vice President may call a special meeting as long as officers are notified if the meeting and notice of the meeting is given to those who have requested notice of CBC meetings.
Elections of officers will be held in October with the first meeting of the fiscal year to be in November.
A quorum must be present to conduct business. Five CBC members shall be called a quorum.
This guideline shall be reviewed annually; any recommended changes approved at a CBC meeting shall be given to the President.