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Preschool Panthers 1

Entry level gymnastics class for ages 21/2 - 31/2. This is an introductory class and focuses on beginning skills on bars, beam floor and trampoline. A great class to learn how to follow directions and take turns with your friends.


Preschool Panthers 2

Beginner level gymnastics class for ages 31/2 - 5. This class will focus on beginning skills on bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. This class will be slightly more advanced than Preschool Panthers.


Jr Jammers

Beginner level gymnastics class for ages 4 - 7. This class will begin station work and continue skill advancement on bars, beam, floor, vault, trampoline and tumble trak. Some skills focused on Forward & Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, pullovers, glide swings and intro of different jump positions.



Beginner to Intermediate level gymnastics class ages 5 - 8. This class will achieve all Jr Jammers skills and advance from them. Some skills focused on would be handstands, running cartwheels, round offs, pullovers, back hip circles, walking patterns on beam.



Intermediate to advanced level of gymnastics class age 8 & older. This class will advance on bronze skills and add potential skills of walkovers, back handsprings, leg cuts, stride circles, levers and handstands on beam.



Intermediate and advanced level of gymnastics class for ages 9 and older. This class works on similar skills as the Silver level class.


Beginner Tumbling

Tumbling only class! This class is for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and covers all levels of tumbling. This class will also work on jumps and tumble trak and trampoline.


Intermediate Tumbling

Tumbling only class! This class is for 3rd - 5th grade and covers all levels of tumbling, jumps and may include some entry level stunting. Tumble Trak and Trampoline will also be used.


Advanced Tumbling

Tumbling only class! This class is for Jr High and High School aged students with interest in trying out for cheerleader. All levels of tumbling and jumps are covered. Tumble Trak and Trampoline will also be used.


TNT Rec/Team Classes

Tanzanite Trampoline & Tumbling program is the Flint Hills’ premier power tumbling and trampoline program and is fairly new to the CATTS family. This program provides children of all abilities the opportunity to learn coordination, discipline, and advanced skills while making friends in a fun, positive team environment. Power tumbling and trampoline is a discipline of gymnastics that appeals to boys and girls who love to jump, flip, and twist but aren’t necessarily interested in traditional gymnastics. Multi-sport athletes (dancers, cheerleaders, divers, wrestlers, etc.) who love to compete enjoy our competition team. Competitive members practice just 3 hours a week, allowing them to also pursue other interests. Recreational and competitive members will train on the following events Trampoline, Single Mini Trampoline, Power Tumbling. More information is available about the Team program with the TNT Team info.


CATTS Competitive Teams

CATTS competes in two different programs in the state of Kansas. CATTS competes AAU levels 1-8 and USAG levels 3-10. CATTS also competes Xcel levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond in both AAU and USAG. CATTS Competitive teams are the heart and soul of the CATTS program. We take a great deal of pride in all our state, regional and national champions that we have produced. Entry on these teams is by mastery of skill level and invitation only.




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