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Rules & Policies


1.  New students may register for CATTS classes at any time during the year.  A student may also switch from one class to another at any time by notifying the CATTS office.  Your child's class space is reserved for them.  Please notify the CATTS office 2 weeks prior to dropping a class or classes so that we may fill the space with someone else.  FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE BILLED FOR THAT NEXT MONTH'S CLASSES( for example you must notify by the 15th of the prior month to not be billed for the next month). 

2.  CATTS is a member of USA Gymnastics.  "The mission of USA Gymnastics is to encourage participation and to pursue excellence in all aspects of gymnastics."  CATTS, which stands for Child Athletes Trained to Succeed, encourages all children to embrace goals to succeed. 

3.  A Registration fee is required for insurance purposes.  This fee is $20 yearly (Dec-Jan) and is non-refundable.  The fee is prorated at $15.00 (Mar-May) $12.00 (June-Aug) $10.00 (Sep-Nov)

4. Class payments are due on the 1st of each month.  Payments are due in FULL regardless of classes attended or not attended.  Payments made after the 7th of the month should include a $5.00 late fee.  Returned check fee is $15.00

5.  Every effort will be made to help you make up a missed class, but CATTS will not guarantee a make-up for missed class time. 

6.  In the event that Wamego Schools (USD 320) closes due to bad weather, CATTS will not hold classes.  CATTS WILL have classes when schools close for teacher in-service, conferences, etc.  If you’re ever unsure the calendar on the CATTS website is always updated with our closings.

SNOW DAY POLICY REVISION 2019:  Just a reminder about our cancellation policy.  Our policy was to close when USD 320 closes due to weather but since we have been inundated with snow days this year, some being that by afternoon/evening we would have been fine we will revise the policy to read:  CATTS is closed when USD 320 is closed BUT a decision will be made by noon on whether we feel it to be safe to open for that evening.  It will be your responsibility to check our Facebook page or calendar on our website to see if we are closed.  I want to avoid answering/sending 50+ emails/phone calls if possible.  A Wamego school weather closing will still cause us to be closed for any morning activities like Friday morning playgroups.  

7.  For safety reasons and constructive use of class time, we ask that parents please observe from the lobby or upper deck area.  ONLY gymnasts and coaches should be on the gym floor. 

8.  CATTS will NOT hold classes on the following holidays: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Wed-Sun) and the 4th of July.  CATTS is also closed  4 times a year for a full week.  Wamego's Spring Break (March), The week between Fall and Summer Schedules (Memorial Day-Friday), Summer Break the week between Summer-Fall/Spring (week we go back to school typically 3rd week of August) and Christmas Break (week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day).

9.  Students are asked to wear athletic clothing during class.  Jeans and Jean shorts are not permitted.  Leotards are required for Silver Level and Team classes.

10:  Students at CATTS are taught as individuals.  If your child has a mental or physical disability of any sort, the CATTS coaching staff would like to be aware of it.  This will allow the coaches to help each child learn to the best of their abilities.

11.   Students at CATTS will receive a monthly News & Notes newsletter via email or its also posted on the CATTS website.  Please read this information carefully so that you won't miss out on any upcoming events or important information about closings and cancellations.


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CATTS Handbook

CATTS Gymnastics & Dance was started in January o f 1991. The first gym was located at 513 Lincoln Avenue in Wamego. The gym was approximately 1,950 square feet, occupied the top floor of a main street business, and was equipped with basic equipment (mats, a set of bars, a beam, and a vaulting horse). Angie Curtis was an assistant coach and the gym has a total enrollment of 67 students. In 1993 Angie became the sole proprietor of CATTS. CATTS started training their first competition teams in the Fall of 1995.

In April of 1996 CATTS underwent its first expansion moving to a gym located at 401 Ash Street. The expansion added needed space. The gym enrollment swelled to 150 students necessitating more equipment and floor space. In March of 1996 CATTS first competition teams participated in the State championships. The level 4 team placed 4th all around.

Today CATTS has grown to over 250 enrolled students. Our growth necessitated another expansion in 2000 to our current building and location at 5565 Maefield Drive. The gym at 7,200 square feet is equipped to offer beginner to advanced boys and girls’ gymnastic training and dance classes such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop. Tumbling floors, pits, trampolines, multiple equipment, and a regulation spring floor system outfit the gym. Our coaching staff has grown to five certified gymnastic coaches, two dance instructors, four assistant coaches, and a certified personal trainer.

The acronym CATTS stand for Child Athletes Trained To Succeed. A philosophy we stand by daily. Children are our future and regardless of their level of talent we train children to embrace goals to succeed. We create an atmosphere of positive reinforcement. Every student trained at our facility strengthens their talents, maintains their fitness, and learns agility, grace, power, and poise. Most important they gain self-esteem with each accomplishment achieved through hard work and focus. We help children achieve their goals. CATTS offers a service that engages community youth in a productive and meaningful activity, whether they are competition gymnasts, budding dancers, cheerleaders, or simply interested in gymnastics to stay fit

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Registration Form Agreement

CATTS Gymnastics & Dance and its' staff makes every effort to provide a fun and safe learning environment for all students who participate in a class at our facility. Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of accidental injury. Our staff prides itself on being aware of safety concerns and has a very low accident rate. There is always a Safety Certified Instructor on staff each class and all coaches are trained in safety awareness.


By the very nature of the activity, gymnastics carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the gymnast and coach are, no matter how many spotters are being used, no matter how high the equipment is or the landing surface available, the risk cannot be eliminated. Always reduced, but never eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, strains, sprains, and muscle pulls. The risk also includes more serious injuries such as breaks, dislocations, and catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from landing or falling on the back of the neck or head.

I hereby consent to have my child participate in programs offered by CATTS Gymnastics & Dance. I have read the CATTS Rules & Policies and agree to abide by them. It is agreed that my child, my executors, waive and release all rights and claims for damages that I may have at any time against CATTS Gymnastics & Dance or its' staff for any injury or damages in connection with any programs taken at CATTS Gymnastics & Dance(5565 Maefield DrWamego) or other locations. The risks involved in said activity are fully understood.


I the undersigned, as parent or legal guardian fo the child registered on the form hereby authorize CATTS Gymnastics & Dance and its' staff to consent to any medical or hospital care to be rendered to said minor upon the advice of a licensed physician. It is understood that if time and circumstances reasonably permit, CATTS will attempt, but is not required, to communicate with me prior to such treatment. I also agree that the CATTS Gymnastics & Dance and its' staff is not legally or financially liable for any claim arising from any consent given in good faith in connection with such diagnosis or advised treatment.