CLASS SCHEDULE:  The current class schedule will end on May 27.  Summer Schedule will begin Monday, June 6.  CATTS will be closed May 30-June 5.  This is our week of closure between fall and summer schedule, as stated in the rules and policies.  The summer Schedule is posted on the website.  Please sign up at your earliest convenience so we can staff accordingly.   If you are in a current class that has the same day/time slot for summer please still let us know if you're planning on continuing as we still need to know.  

TEAM TRYOUTS/CLASS PLACEMENT CLINIC Saturday, May 7 10:00-11:30am: Have you been interested in the CATTS Competitive team or want to see where the best placement would be for your child this summer/fall?  Our competitive staff will be working with your children to assess them and determine where the best placement will be.  Angie will be available to talk with parents and share information about team as well as answer questions.  Cost of the clinic is $10 and please let us know if your child is attending so we make sure to staff accordingly.  

UPCOMING CLOSINGS:   CATTS is closed the week between fall/spring and summer schedules.  May 30-June 5.  CATTS will also be closed July 4, which should be our only closing for the summer months.  

AWARDS WEEK:  CATTS will be handing out Medals, Trophies and Certificates the week of May 16.  We will continue through the next week to try and catch everyone as I know the month of May is a busy one.  For those of you unfamiliar, every year we recognize the girls for their commitment to our program.  All students receive a certificate.  A medal is given to those that have been attending less than one year.  Then a trophy is given at the first year.  They continue to get taller as the student increases in years of attendance.  Your student must be coming to class in May to receive their award.  

MV DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS: Our team is hosting the District Championships for AAU Missouri Valley this year, April 29-May 1 in Manhattan at the Eisenhower Recreation Center.  If you would like to help the CBC by working or with donations please let me know!  We'd love to have you donated a case of Water if you are able.  Please bring to CATTS in the next week!  Also we encourage you to come watch our girls compete if you've been interested in competitive gymnastics at all.  There is a small entry fee collected at the door but we should have kids in most sessions Friday-Sunday if you want to stop by.  

WEBSITE:  Please check the calendar on the website if you are ever questioning our dates of closure.  The website also can be a place to make your monthly payment instead of entering the facility with cash, check or card.  Under the "classes" tab at the top of the page there is a "pay online" tab and that guides you to our payment portal.      www.cattsgymnastics.com

PLAY GROUP:  We are now having weekly playgroups for kids 5 & under every Friday 10-11:30am. 









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