JULY 2021

FALL SCHEDULE :  The Fall/Spring schedule is posted on the CATTS website and I've told others not currently enrolled that it will be there July 15.  We anticipate to be very busy this fall so make sure to sign up soon to avoid missing out on your desired day/time. Fall classes will begin on Monday, August 23.   We may possibly have 2 additional preschool classes that will be in the daytime but they wont begin until January 3, 2022.  Let me know if you'd be interested in a Monday morning class for your 2.5-4.5 yr olds.  

GOLD OVER AMERICA TOUR :  Our club is selling early bird tickets to the Gold Over America Tour that will be at the T-Mobile Center in KC Tuesday, October 12, 2021.  We have seats saved in the Blue, Red, Green and Purple sections for our club and ticket prices range from $38.50-$149.50.  Please take a look at the fliers and let me know if you'd like to get tickets!  I will need your money and ticket order by Tuesday, July 20 as Early Bird pricing will be done at that time.  It should be an amazing show of current and past Olympians and the show is starring Simone Biles!  Others scheduled to be there Laurie Hernandez, Peng-Peng Lee, Horgan Hurd, Katelyn Ohashi, Danusia Francis and more!  Email me with questions or to place an order!  

UPCOMING CLOSINGS:   We will be closing August 14-Aug 22 for some much needed building maintenance.  We are replacing the floors in the lobby and bathrooms and need some consecutive days closed to tear out and fix them.  Excited to see the transformation!

SUMMER SCHEDULE :  The Summer Schedule will be finished August 13.  If you are enrolled in Summer classes we will expect you those two weeks of August unless you tell me differently by July 15.  If you are not continuing into fall classes then you would pay half for the month of August.  If you will be continuing then the full month will be due.   

CLASS PRICING: Our class prices will be increasing Sept 1, 2021.  We haven't had a rate increase for 2 years and even with our increase, our rates are still below our competitors and we like to think we offer a better experience to our members.  The rates will be listed on the website along with the current rates, which I will delete after August.  

WEBSITE:  Please check the calendar on the website if you are ever questioning our dates of closure.  The website also can be a place to make your monthly payment instead of entering the facility with cash, check or card.  Under the "classes" tab at the top of the page there is a "pay online" tab and that guides you to our payment portal.

PLAY GROUP:  We will begin having playgroup every Friday 10-11:30am beginning August 27! 




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