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SUMMER SCHEDULE:  The summer schedule will be out by March 15 and you may sign up for classes via email or through the CATTS website.  

FACILITY:  Please remember to show some respect for our facility.  There are 300+ students that come to classes throughout the week which creates a ton of traffic through our gym.  We do love for our parents being able to stay and watch classes, we don't love watching the extra children running around, climbing on the tables, playing on the stairs and potentially causing accidents. Please treat my gym with the same care you do your home and if you do let your children climb on your tables (no judging) but know its not allowed here.  We will have a changing station up for you soon in the first bathroom which was a need discussed at our CBC meeting last month.  

CBC MEETING: Our next CBC meeting is Thursday, Feb 27 at 6:00pm at the Lutheran Church on Say rd.  Anyone is welcome to attend and team parents are encouraged to come.

UPCOMING CLOSINGS: CATTS is closed for Wamego's Spring Break as stated in our R & P.  We will be closed March 9-15.  Friday, March 6 we WILL have classes even though there is no school.  Friday, May 22 will be the last day of Fall classes before the end of school year break (R &P).  The summer schedule will begin on Monday, June 1.

SNOW DAYS:  When Wamego USD 320 is closed our policy is to close but we did make an amendment to that policy last year that a decision would be made if we felt it to be safe for staff and students to get to class.  A decision to stay closed or open is made by noon and posted on the CATTS facebook page and also on the events calendar on the CATTS website located at
It will be your responsibility to check either of those places to see if we are having class but lets hope the winter weather is behind us!
That being said this is for weather closings only.  We do not follow the same policy of being closed every time USD 320 doesnt have school.  For a complete list of the holidays/closings that we follow please refer to our Rules and Policies located on the website and also paper copies are at CATTS.  

SICKNESS:  It is that time of year where sickness becomes an issue.  Please don't send your child to class if they haven't been fever free for 24 hours or are coughing uncontrollably.  We would rather try and help you find a make up class time then spread the sickness.  Thank you!

HOME MEET:  Our home gymnastics meet is April 4-5 at the Wamego Middle School.  We happily welcome any volunteers needing to earn community service hours for scholarships or clubs.  Please email me if interested and I will let you know how you can help.  The CBC (CATTS Booster Club) is asking for families to donate a case of water for our meet to use in hospitality and concessions.  You may bring that water any time by March 25 and place it upstairs or ask a coach and they can help you.  Thanks for supporting our team!


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