November 2022

REDWHEEL: Leos are arriving today!  I will get them to you as soon as I see you!

YEARLY REGISTRATION FEE: The yearly registration fee of $20/student is due by December 15 if you plan to be continuing classes into 2023.    

SICKNESS REMINDER: A reminder if your child is coughing, running a fever or isn't feeling well PLEASE don't bring them to class.  I would rather try to find you a make up spot than spread the sickness.  

UPCOMING CLOSINGS:  CATTS will be closed the following upcoming Holidays as listed in the CATTS R & P.   
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday, Nov 23-Sunday, Nov 27
Christmas Break Saturday, Dec 24-Sunday, Jan 1 

WEBSITE:  Please check the calendar on the website if you are ever questioning our dates of closure.  The website also can be a place to make your monthly payment instead of entering the facility with cash, check or card.  Under the "classes" tab at the top of the page there is a "pay online" tab and that guides you to our payment portal.

PLAY GROUP:  We are now having weekly playgroups for kids 5 & under every Friday 10-11:30am.














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