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Drop off & Pick Up Procedures
- Please drop off your student at the concrete pad where they will be asked to wait on the socially distanced markings to enter the building through the main door. In the event of inclement weather, form a drop off line and have your child wait in the car with you, a teacher will wave you in.
- If you are planning to stay in the parking lot, please go back around the loop and park along the West side of the parking lot. At the end of class, go around the loop again to form a pick up line near the side bay door.
- Please have your child “gymnastics ready”, this means hair pulled up, leotard on, flip flops or easy on/off shoes, and be sure to have them visit the restroom at home before class to limit the need for restroom use during class.
- The water fountain will be off limits, except to refill water bottles so please send your child with their own water bottle, clearly marked with their name.
- Students will be allowed to have 1 parent (no siblings) to enter with them, but both parent and student will have their temperature screened and must wash hands before entering the class. The parent will be encouraged to wear a mask while in the building. Due to the small size of our lobby, we will be moving preschool groups to the big gym when possible, and parents may view from socially distanced seating upstairs (limit 10).

- Upon entering the building, your child will have their temperature screened, they will wash hands, and put their water bottle and any belongings in a designated spot or cubby. If cubbies are used, they will be sanitized between classes.
- At the end of class students will all be required to wash their hands, they will gather their belongings and exit out the side door.

During Class
- Students will warm up on socially distanced spots, no large group running style warm ups will be performed.
- During rotations, each child will have their own space to perform the skills they are working on during their class. Any mats used will be sanitized between classes.
 - Due to the nature of some of the gymnastics equipment (bars and beam), we will promptly wash hands after using any equipment which may not allow for between student sanitation. We have spread out our classes to allow for cleaning time in between classes, and our rotation schedules will be designed to allow for sanitization between groups. We will still require hand washing after events like bars and beam to err on the side of caution.

Important Points
- Our staff has worked hard to ensure the safety of our athletes, our staff and all of their families so we ask for your compliance in all of our new procedures.
BE PUNCTUAL - It is highly important that you be on time when picking up your child. We will have a staff member waiting with the children to ensure their safety when exiting the building, but this staff member will also have other obligations in between classes so we need you to be on time to keep the gym schedule running smoothly.
- If the student or anyone in their family has been ill or is presenting symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you keep your student home from class. The same will be asked if you have traveled to an area with high community spread determined by the local and state health departments.

We are very excited to get kids back in the gym and we will be practicing every precaution possible to keep everyone healthy!

Enter through the Main Door
                                                            Exit through the Side Door

                    Park Along the West Side of the Lot during class


             Car Loop Follows the already established flow of the
       Parking Lot, forming a Drop Off/Pick Up Line from the South


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